Do you have an immediate family member with equity in their property?

If so, did you know this can be used to help you buy your own home with less deposit?

That’s right! This type of loan is called a Family Guarantee. It works by using the equity in a family member’s home as security against your loan, meaning you pay a lower deposit.

It’s a simple, safe and effective way to reduce the amount of cash you’ll need to start your home-buying journey – so you can get on the property ladder much sooner!

What’s more, a Family Guarantee could mean you avoid paying Lender Mortgage Insurance – that’s an additional saving of up to $14,000!

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    Here’s how a Family Guarantee works:

    1. An immediate family member uses equity in their own property as security against your home loan.

    2. This reduces the amount of deposit you need to pay, so you can buy your own home with less cash.
    Plus, you could save thousands of dollars in Lender Mortgage Insurance.

    3. Once you build up equity in your new home, your family member’s property is released!

    It’s simple, straightforward, and a great way for first home buyers to purchase their own home sooner!

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    Tips for getting family support


    Your family want the best for you – and buying a home of your own is one of the best investments you can make in your future.

    However, you’re much more likely to secure family support if you show good conduct with money. If you’re planning on asking a family member to help you with a guarantee, here are a few things you can do to make the process easier:

    • Be smart and savvy with your money. Start focusing on building up your savings, make your rental payments on time, and don’t waste your income on things you don’t really need.
    • Aim for a deposit amount of at least $5000, so you can show your ability to save and put something towards the property from the start.
    • Talk to your family about what a Family Guarantee involves so everyone understands how it works.

    Family Guarantee: Frequently Asked Questions


    Can I ask any family member to be a guarantor?

    They need to be an immediate family member, which means your parents, siblings or grandparents. Any immediate family member with equity in their property can be a guarantor.

    Can I use a Family Guarantee to buy a property with no deposit?

    It’s possible, but we recommend you have at least a $5k deposit.

    Can anyone choose the option of a Family Guarantee loan?

    Yes, as long as you have an immediate family member with equity in their property who’s willing to support you in this way.

    When will the family property be released?

    Once you’ve built up enough equity in your own home, you can make an application for your family’s property to be released earlier than the loan term.

    Want more info on how a Family Guarantee can help you buy your own home sooner? Get in touch today and we’ll explain exactly how it works – so you can reach your goal of owning your own home sooner.


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