Tim & Robyn, April 2018

Having sold our Home , closed our Business and cleared our debts in Tasmania , we moved our then young family to Coffs Harbour for a new start 14 years ago. The plan was to stay 2 years and then move on but we quickly fell in love with the place and the opportunities available to the children.

The down fall was we were naïve with the house prices in NSW compared to the low prices in Tasmania . Having already used the first home buyers  grant in Tasmania we quickly gave up the dream of ever buying a house in the Coffs Harbour area .

Even though we loved where we lived and had the best landlords a renter could ask for it just wasn’t the same as owning our own home .

We saw the Own A Home Now add on face book and thought we had nothing to lose in finding out what it was all about . After speaking with Marty and Keith we where shocked when they called us the next day and told us they could help us out. Before we knew it we had signed a contract and the rest is history.

It has been the most exciting experience watching the house go up . The whole process was made so easy  and we cant believe how quick it went.

We both work shift work and often at different ends of the day but now it feels worthwhile knowing we are paying off our house and not someone else’s.

Robyn & Tim