Tim & Emma & family September 2017

We moved from London 10 years ago with the dream of building our own home.

With renting and raising 3 children and starting our own business, that dream seemed to get further and further away.

We had had enough of paying rent, and paying someone else’s mortgage.

After meeting with the friendly team from “Own A Home Now” we built a plan to make our dream come true.

After following the easy steps, they made it simple to understand the action plan.

I can’t thank them enough for helping our dream come true. They made it clear and easy.

We love “Own A Home Now” and now feel our future is secure.

No more house inspections from grumpy agents. Thought we would get a gold watch from landlords after 10 years service lol.

We owe “Own A Home Now”  a carton of beer for sure.