Shani, Jay, Zayley, Zavier and Kaiden, October 2018

We had always wanted to own our own home. It was something we had dreamed of but knew it was going to be a dream for sometime. We continued to rent and continued to save for our deposit. With a young growing family and renting does make saving for that deposit take longer than you would like. Renting would get so frustrating. The fact you were paying off someone else’s mortgage, house inspections, worried about hanging a picture or having a pet, and at the end of the day having nothing to show for it. You would not know if you could stay long term and that you just had to accept the state of the home due to the competitive rental market. It wasn’t something we wanted to continue for the rest of our lives.

With what savings we had out of curiosity we contacted Marty and Keith. We inquired to see what they do and how they help people to own their own home. They were so helpful. We found out that we could access government grants to help boost our savings further.

Just 2 months later after contacting them, I am so happy to say that today we get the keys to our brand new home.

It all still seems like a dream and it hasn’t fully sunk in yet that we actually purchased a home. I thought it would take a few more years to get to this point. Our family couldn’t be happier.

Marty and Keith, we cannot thank you enough for all your help. If it wasn’t for you guys this process would have taken us so much longer.

To anyone else who may be in the same situation as we were, my advice would be ‘just go for it’. You have nothing to lose! These guys make this journey so much easier than the continual struggle of doing it all on your own. They support you every step of the way.