Nikky & Garret & Family, December 2017

Wow How exciting moving into our own home 3 weeks before christmas. We seen the adds online and social media and had a good friend go down this path, so we were discussing the possabilities. Next thing i know i get a text at work from Nic, saying ive messaged Marty. Lol we only tossed the idea around.  2 days later Marty says meet me at 6.30 and ill show you one of our homes.

Due to our timing of making tbe decision we had limited time to make a decision. Marty was awesome  and picked up his phone with every qusetion or querry we or ( Nic ) had. Nothing was a problem even if we thought it could be Being new to this situation was comforting knowing we could call Marty, Keith or Sarah from one step conveyancing and feel at ease with any questions we had. Fast forward  5 months and we are discussing where the furniture is going in our new house. If youve thought about it, want to do it, or dreamt about it. Now is the time.

Pick up your phone, text, email, or just trip Marty or Keith in the street. Trust us you wont be disappointed.

Huge thx to Marty, Keith, Sarah from one step and all the Tradies.