Jordon, Jacob & Parker, December 2018

Owning a home has been a dream of ours for years and when we started a family we felt like it wouldn’t happen for years.  When we saw the design of the home and the details of the property on facebook I instantly liked it and told my partner. Never did we think anything would actually come of it. I was on maternity leave and later had only started back 2 days a week with my partner working causally. Through this, Marty and Keith found the best loan for us! From there we just got closer and closer to the home being ours!

Renting for years, it felt like dead money and never really felt like home, until now. Being in our own place we feel extremely proud and a great accomplishment.

Our advice to other renters would be to message the friendliest team (Marty and Keith at and if you are serious about wanting your own home they can make it happen.