Megan & Mark, August 2017

After going to the bank and finding out it will take us a long time to save a large deposit to buy our own home we thought we would be renting for the rest of our lives. We knew we could afford it and just wanted the opportunity.

When you are paying Rent every week it’s so hard to save up enough for a deposit, then when you do something happens, like having to move again and you lose it all.

That is until we heard about Own A Home Now through family and friends that we decided to send an enquiry through. To our amazement we heard from them the very next day and they showed us how to do it with a small deposit. Today here we are now moving into our brand new home.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone at Own A Home Now and Hibbards for making our dream come true of owning our very first home, without you we would still be paying off someone else’s mortgage instead our own.

Megan, Mark & family.