Mary-Jane March 2017

My girls and I would like to thank Marty, Keith, the Hibbard Team and Matt at Simply Conveyancing who made our dream of buying/building our home come true. My girls are extra excited as they get a room to themselves after many years of sharing as well as a kids play room.

Seeing the advertisements on television I decided to give Hibbards a call. After the call, Marty and Keith were eager to meet and discuss options. I found both of them to be amazing and very supportive with the whole process.

Throughout the whole building stage, I found Marty and Keith to provide updates, including photos of the construction, including the council progress. Even when I was thinking of looking at other proposed Hibbard development areas Marty was instant to reply to my queries and concerns

The whole buying/building development progression wouldn’t have been capable without the fabulous communication with Hibbards, RAMS and Simply Conveyancing. I found this to be was very efficient and I felt really valued not only as a client but as a person as well.

I am so pleased that I will no longer be paying rent, my girls having their own room and being able to make the house our home.

Thank you to everyone.