Lance & Magenta & family, December 2017

Lance & I have been together 14 years now and owning our own home was something we’ve always talked about. We’d always say ‘when we have our own home….’ but we never actually did more than dream about it.

Ads for ‘Own A Home’ kept popping up on social media and one day I decided to click the link. I sent the link to Lance and suggested we give them a call, the worst that could happen was we’d be told no which would make no difference to the situation we were already in.

We received a phone call not long after that would change everything for us! We were on the road to owning our own home! That road was nowhere as daunting as we’d imagined and now we are in our own home! The kids can change the colours of their walls and we can hang as many pictures as we want all because we decided to make an enquiry.

We want to thank Marty & Keith for everything they’ve done. You guys do an amazing job and make the transition from tenant to homeowners easy and fun! Without you we’d still be stuck in that dream of ‘one day, we’ll get there’.

We also want to thank Sarah and the girls at One Step Conveyancing for also making this journey run smooth! Between these two businesses all of the hard work has been taken care of.

So, if you’re like us and stuck in a rental rut pick up that phone or click that link because you’ll never know if you don’t ask!