Josh & Lacey, November 2019.

Gday well where do I start, since I started working I’ve never been able to save consistently or get myself out of debt I had a dream to own a house by 25 and that slide by.

After realising how I was spending and living I seen an ad for “ own a home now “ I got in contact with Keith at first a 6 month plan was to fix my debt and have sustainable savings.

Although it was a long process and have had some extremely hard and stressful weeks the outcome of having unconditional approval and the call from my solicitor and broker with the words “ all has cleared YOU’RE A HOME OWNER “ it’s finally hit and I feel a weight has finally been lifted from feeling I’ll never achieve my goal and be forever stuck renting.

A massive thank you from Keith and all involved for the hurtles we had to jump to make this happen one of the hardest but best life experiences I’ve been through on top of that I’m able to save Cheers to all

Josh & Lacey.