Tips for Increasing Your Deposit For a New Home

Do you own something of value that you’d be willing to sell in order to obtain the funds for a home loan deposit?

This could be an item like a car, lounge, boat, motorbike, or caravan. Selling unwanted items that you currently own is a great way to boost your savings – meaning you could qualify for a low deposit home loan faster.

Own A Home Now can help you work out a plan to increase your deposit.  Simply send us the details of your unwanted items and we’ll let you know how we can assist.

Grow Your Savings With Government Grants, Concessions and a Savings Plan

If you’re a first home buyer, Own A Home Now can help you access valuable government grants and concessions to quickly grow your savings.

Example: If you bought one of our complete new homes for $469,000, Own A Home Now could get you a whopping $26,595 in grants and concessions!

Get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll calculate your affordability, assess your situation, and set you up with a plan that makes home ownership a reality for you and your family.

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