Cindy & Luke & Family, September 2017.

We’ve been trying to own our own home for at least 7 year’s. When we first started, Luke was working full-time, I wasn’t. Which made it hard. We looked into Own A Home Now, and they said we could do it- but we were too scared. As time went on, every time we were told we couldn’t put a hook in the wall to hang our photo’s, and the rental price’s that kept going up for house’s that weren’t our’s and falling apart, as well as the constant inspection’s which remind’s you it’s not your home- it made us strive to get out of renting so we could create a beautiful family home for us, to be able to do what we want, without fear of having to move again. By this stage, we had 3 kid’s, Luke was putting in a lot of over-time and I was working 2 job’s to help save for a deposit to try and break free from the rental market. We approached Own A Home Now, and found out we didn’t need to break our back’s to do it. Marty and Keith were so accommodating to our need’s, and so helpful and friendly. They made the process so easy, especially because Luke and I are so busy with our family and work. They do the hard work for you, without any added stress! Our advice is, don’t be scared like we were before – with the cost of renting and living, it is too hard to break into the market without a helping hand these day’s. Their home’s are so beautiful, we are so in love with our’s and the area it’s built in. You’d be mad to not look into it and give it a go! Thank you Marty and Keith and One Step Conveyancing, for all your help in making our dream a reality!!  From 5 very happy Herbert’s!