Aubrey & Tracy, November 2019

My husband and I had been talking about getting another investment property for a good few years now. Through the encouragement of our accountant (yes we had to pay more tax last financial year hahaha), we finally made the decision that yes, 2019 is the year we finally add to our portfolio. There are a lot of factors to consider but we decided to make it simple. We decided on what we want to buy which is a HOUSE. Then we decided how much do we want to pay for this house , $500k. Next we want a house that is ready now not later. With those things in mind the next and important question is where? Sydney is definitely out. Our budget was leaning on Queensland but do we really want to invest in another state where we can’t see what we bought? So we decided to look outside of Sydney but still within NSW and Port Macquarie came into mind straight up. We’ve heard good things about this place and I decided to look for properties that fit our criteria. I’ve emailed quite a few and Keith from Own A Home Now was one of the first people to respond to my queries. He had sent me a couple of properties that he thinks maybe of interest to me. I told him about my budget and suggested the property that we just bought. It was a bit more than what we wanted to pay. We were not even sure if we want to go over our budget. Entered Marty who gave as a bit of a boost to sweeten the deal. So we drove to Port Macquarie to see the property. We were very impressed with the house with all the quality finishes! I was thinking what lucky tenants to live in a brand new home and we haven’t even lived on a brand new one! Darlene showed us the house and we were really happy with it. After seeing the house, we looked around surrounding areas and really think that it will be a good and sound investment. The next day we gave our big fat YES to buying the house. The have also recommended a great property manager and I have tenants moving straight after settlement! How awesome is that? And the rest they say is history!