Adam, Ashlie & family, November 2017

A HUGE thanks to Marty, Keith and the rest of the team for helping us get into our first home! We couldn’t be happier with the care and service provided to us and couldn’t have done it without them! We found it very easy to go through own a home now, everything was explained in a way we could understand and we appreciated the honest opinions and help provided to us to help our situation and toget us into our own home. Before seeking out help from OAHN we rented for 7 years moving between houses trying to keep up the struggle of having somewhere nice for our family yet not paying a fortune so we could work towards saving for a deposit. After contacting numerous banks and brokers and getting nowhere we kept seeing the OAHN ad and wondering about how it worked and what was involved etc after talking about it numerous times we decided to reach out and see what they could do for us, it’s now a year later and we are out of the rent cycle and into our beautiful brand new home. We know can’t thank you them enough for what they have done for us and for our family, highly recommend them to anyone.

Adam and Ashlie